'This town is stuck in time warp' - Bid to create new bowling alley, restaurant and mini-golf course sparks debate - Leicestershire Live

2022-06-29 09:48:52 By : Ms. Kristi Chen

The partial demolition of the town nightclub has raised some 'brows

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A bid to create a new leisure complex in Coalville with a bowling alley, mini golf course and restaurant has been welcomed by some - but treated with cynicism by others.

A planning application to build the complex for the land off Belvoir Road, in Coalville has been submitted to North West Leicestershire District Council by Gylo, owners of Belvoir Shopping Centre. The development would also see a partial demolition of the "iconic" Emporium nightclub.

Some people have said the plan would breathe fresh life back into the centre of the town, while others doubt it will ever come to fruition. And some feel there are more pressing issues which Coalville should tackle as a more urgent priority.

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Currently, the closest bowling alley operator is the Hollywood Bowl in Leicester, which is approximately 13 miles away.

Posting on facebook, one resident wrote: "Great idea! Saves people going out of the town to spend money on entertainment. Hopefully less kids on the street with nothing to do in summer. Let’s just hope it’s not a let down like the cinema we’ve been supposedly getting for the last how long?"

The proposals would also mean the back part of the Emporium nightclub would be demolished to create space for the complex. One passionate resident rejected the idea for the "iconic" building, claiming the town needs a "clean up" before more flats are built.

He wrote: "Oh my God. Give your heads a wobble. Coalville needs a clean up before it goes putting more flats for druggies up. And demolishing an iconic building like emporium. What a mistake that will be.

"You can go halfway round the world. Mention Coalville. Nobody ever herd of the place. But mention Emporium night club. And they instantly have stories from their nights in there. Bowling alley. Pointless.

"Sort out the food that tastes so bad first. How's abowt clean the parks up for the kids. How's abowt making some activity clubs for the kids around here. The same monkey chose to build another leisure centre. 100 yards from the old one.

"Why didn't they just update the old one. What a mess the new one looks. Seriously I think Coalville needs a new business manager. We have no shops. And they build a toy train shop in town centre that 5% of the community will use well done".

Another went in to panic mode, writing: "The Emporium? One of the most popular places in Coalville? So…. Let’s get rid of some of that! More flats! Yeah!! Bowling alley!! Brill! Gaming area! Brill! Another restaurant! Brill! Mini golf!! Even better!!! really?? can’t wait! NOT"

A fellow resident then pointed out that it wasn't the whole of building that would be demolished, writing: "They’re knocking down the old Red Room, not the whole thing".

Planners behind the development also pointed the town has no indoor miniature golf operators, with the nearest facilities being located in Leicester city centre. However a resident highlighted Sunnyside Garden Centre in the neighbouring village of Ibstock would be affected by the plans.

She wrote: "All sounds excellent. Only reservation I have is that Sunnyside garden centre have already invested in a mini golf due to complete this summer. Just thinking of the small businesses".

The 28 new studio apartments would be built next-door to the proposed leisure complex with the buildings separated by a communal garden. The four-storey block would also include car parking and cycle parking.

Posting on the Spotted: Coalville Facebook page, a resident wrote: "Whilst I am not sure about flats, I think anything that revamps the very tired town is a good thing. Who cares if people know where Coalville is. To my mind the more facilities Coalville has to serve residents the better. Shame our roads cannot be revamped".

One local claimed the town was stuck in the past. He wrote: "I think it would be a massive boost to the town personally. Times change, need to move on and invest money where a lot of farrowing families live. I for one being new to the area would welcome this change. Coalville is stuck in time warp".

Gylo said the development is necessary to “reflect current local demand” and helps meet the region’s aims of “boosting the supply of homes”. They also say the project will create jobs and benefit to Coalville's ongoing regeneration efforts.

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