Container houses: an original way to live

2022-06-15 15:05:21 By : Ms. Shelley Zhang

Climate in NeuquenMonday, June 13, 2022 - Neuquén, ArgentinaThey are seen on the beaches, in the temporary villas of the great works and also in the cities.It is a form of rapid construction to set up a house, an office or a commercial premises that is used more and more frequently and that architects also adopted in their designs.A few years ago, the containers or "containers" broke into the real estate market and continue to be an option for those who need to build a house at low cost and in a short time or for those who seek to expand their home quickly and at a good price.Koopmann charged hard against Nation for the gas pipelineThe winter season helps the flow of border crossingsThese are rectangular metal structures 12 or 6 meters long by 3 wide that are used to store products to be transported by truck, train or ship, but which can now also be adapted to be a living space.“We work for companies, but this housing construction boom started about 6 or 7 years ago in the region,” explained Boris Malanin, the owner of the AMB Trailers firm located in the Cipolletti Industrial Park.The businessman explained that there are people who, before buying a prefabricated house, prefer to use containers, since they have the freedom to have it made to measure and with everything the client wants to have in the space.“We work on demand.There is no standard model and the design possibilities are many;it depends on what it is going to be used for,” Malanin said.He said that there are clients who look for them to build a barbecue for their house and there are also those who use them to live while they build on the same land."It's a way to have a home quickly, in two or two and a half months," he assured.What is the limit when creating houses with these rectangles?It depends on the imagination and the budget that one wants to spend, since one, two, three or as many units as needed can be used to complete the desired home.Each container can be mounted on top of another creating the spaces for the connections or it can also be placed below or in the form of the letter "L".It is a matter of playing with all the possibilities that open up with these structures.On the internet there are architecture sites specialized in this type of construction and even plans and designs are sold that can be adapted to the client's tastes.These sites range from small houses with one or two bedrooms to huge mansions that required up to 12 modules for a spacious, luxurious and highly comfortable place.The costs vary according to the work that each rectangle requires, but one of 12 meters by three with two bedrooms has an average price of 3,100,000 pesos finished and ready to live.Along the Argentine coast it is very common to see this type of residences (large or small) that are very practical when it comes to vacations.In remote locations, the advantage is that the owner does not have to supervise the construction as in traditional material houses.The company builds it, it is transported to the site and that is where everything ends.“Today it is convenient for the price and for the speed in which they are built.They can be small, but comfortable;it depends on the taste of each client”, explained Malanin.They are also used as structures for beach inns or food trucks on a structure with wheels or as small shops and offices.In general, the containers were used for the transport of merchandise and now they are converted to continue their useful life, but in a different way, although they are also sold newly manufactured and unused.Containers are made of corrugated steel, although many are made of other materials such as aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced plywood.Its useful life is estimated to be between 50 and 80 years.This construction technique is already widely used in different countries around the world, due to its practicality and also because it is recycled material.They are already fashionable in the region.It is a matter of taking advice, taking accounts and deciding.How big can a container house be?The image was published by a Spanish architecture portal called, where an extensive article provides details, advice, advantages and disadvantages when using these structures to build a home.In the image of the mansion that illustrates the note it is explained that “each container is oriented to maximize views through the landscape or to use the topography to provide privacy, depending on its individual use”.“A relatively cheap, fast and tested way of building for many years in different countries, so the container house can be a very valid option”, highlights the article in question.He recognizes that "in the face of the crisis, houses with containers are becoming a possibility that many clients would previously directly reject and that today is gaining strength as a viable alternative."This publication shows projects, plans, dimensions of each space and many ideas for entrepreneurs who dare to face the construction of a house 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