1966 Lotus Elan SE Roadster For Sale On BarnFinds

2022-06-15 15:02:42 By : Mr. Tommy Huang

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The lovely Britsh roadster by Lotus needs some work, but Jesse Mortenson of Barn Finds Garage brings this beauty back to life and is now for sale.

The Lotus Elan came into being in 1962 and lasted as a rear-wheel-drive car till 1975, and remains one of the more interesting automobiles from Lotus Cars. From 1989 to 1995, it was reborn as a front-wheel-drive car, but enthusiasts prefer the first version to the latter.

This is why we have found an awesome model on sale at Barn Finds, in the form of a 1966 Lotus Elan S/E, and is being sold by BarnFinds Editor-In-Chief, Jesse Mortenson, and is his car. Interested? Good because there are still 7 days left and the current bid has not matched the reserve.

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The Lotus Elan S/E was a fun car to drive, even though it sported a small engine and was not very powerful. But it was small, and is what a typical British roadster stood for at the time, in that it was light and fun to drive in.

Mortenson writes, “this Lotus Elan is one of three British sports cars that I purchased out of a collection a while back. I would like to keep all the cars but have decided that they might help us get our BF Auctions going again. This car is very original and is a desirable S/E model so I’ll probably regret it but, hopefully, the car will go to a new owner who will be able to get it back on the road.”

He also notes how, after putting in some oil and fuel, the engine started right up, so the car has a lot of life left in it, and is looking for a new owner to give it a forever home.

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The seller, Mortenson continues to talk about how the frame is always a concern with any Lotus Elan because the steel backbone isn’t exactly the toughest one out there.

He admits that there is some rust to the frame but the good news is that there is no rot. Mortenson also advises that the next owner’s top priority should be replacing the master cylinder and all the brake hoses because there’s “no sense in going if you can’t stop.”

The S/E Package made the Elan come with knockoff rims, interior upgrades, and a hotter cam, adding 20 horsepower. Considering the base engine made 95 horsepower, this is a big addition, especially since the car weighs only 1,500 pounds.

The current bid stands at $8,000, and the car comes with a clean title, in Boise, Idaho, with 32,030 miles on the odometer.

Sources: BarnFinds, YouTube channel Barn Finds Garage

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