AliExpress prefabricated houses with more than 70 m² for less than € 50,000

2022-07-27 22:54:44 By : Ms. Yina Chou

The Chinese online sales giant has also entered the world of modular homes.Some of the sellers have these types of houses at very cheap prices.Prefabricated houses have many advantages for users, although the main one is their low price compared to traditionally built houses.In addition, in many cases it is possible to configure your space to suit the client or even put wheels on them so that they can move to different places.Many department stores like this have joined this boom for prefabricated houses.Ikea, Leroy Merlin or Carrefour have available in their online catalogs homes adapted to all tastes and very cheap.The Chinese giant AliExpress has also decided to include this type of home on its website.They have very varied designs and really competitive prices.In this case we look at its largest models, with up to 86 m².This set of two domes make up a curious prefabricated house.They have a main room with kitchen and living room, as well as a large window and an additional room with a bathroom.It is larger than it appears thanks to its exterior porch and reaches an area of ​​78 m².In total they have a stock of more than 2,000 units and currently offer a 30% discount for those who purchase two or more units.Your original price may increase due to VAT, shipping fees or specific specifications.This prefabricated house, built in steel and wood from a shipping container, has up to two floors that can be accessed by an external staircase.In the upper part, the main room is located together with a bathroom and an accessible terrace, while in the interior, the living-dining room and the kitchen would be found.Depending on the model, the price can be higher, the one with 86 m² costs around 46,775.87 euros.In addition, it is possible to customize it to suit the client, either by including more modules or changing its aesthetic appearance.It is also accompanied by a small wooden porch that raises it above the ground.The shipping price is not included and amounts to 2,148.36 euros.Information.Calle Canarias nº 49, 1st floor.Madrid, 28045, SpainAlso follow us on:Information.Calle Canarias nº 49, 1st floor.Madrid, 28045, SpainInformation.Calle Canarias nº 49, 1st floor.Madrid, 28045, Spain