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Light up outdoor living spaces this winter by introducing one of these outdoor table lamps from Oblure, Samy Rio, Studioforma and Les Jardins. Led Sports Field Lighting

A Selection of Outdoor Table Lamps for Winter Bliss - ArchiExpo e-Magazine

Although the sun is setting earlier in parts of the world, people still enjoy dining and sitting outdoors. In this article, we’ve selected a few of our favorite outdoor table lamps that can fit any situation such as exterior seating for one’s home or a restaurant terrace where these lamps can create a delightful ambiance. Included in our selection, Oblure features its Stair lamp as an indoor solution; however, it could easily be integrated into an outdoor setting such as the exterior entrance seating area of the Rosewood hotel in São Paulo. Here are some lamps to consider for upcoming projects.

Swedish design firm Notchi Architects collaborated with Oblure on the design of a lamp called Stair, inspired by modern shapes and forms to give emphasis on design and symbolism. Considered one of the best end table lamps, Stair is a solid stair block made with steel, topped with an illuminated sphere that creates a timeless symbolic look that invites curiosity. It contains two USB-C ports and a hidden electrical outlet situated underneath the outdoor table lamp that is ideal to use for indoor and outdoor living spaces. Gadgets like smartphones can be charged via the lamp’s USB ports which makes this lighting piece multi-functional.

Over the years, we have featured French designer Samy Rio as he continuously releases unique products paired with unconventional materials like bamboo and technology, as seen in his creation of the bamboo hair dryer. Samy Rio has once again balanced the combination of technology and materials in his design of the outdoor table lamp called Quasar.

Designed for Petite Friture, Quasar is a wireless portable outdoor table lamp made with anodized aluminum that guarantees durability. It has a long battery life and a 5-meter cord that makes it ideal to be carried in and around indoor and outdoor living spaces of the home and can also be used for outdoor recreational activities like camping and hiking. It features a warm dimmer and power dimmer that can be adjusted to create the ideal lighting for dark-covered spaces and night-time use outdoors. In addition to being designed for long-term usage, the Quasar outdoor lamp has a high level of recyclability and repairability. It is best used in covered outdoor living spaces and can serve as one of your outdoor table lamps for the patio.

Swiss design firm StudioFirma aims to use noble materials combined with striking shapes. The black table lamp and white table lamp called Cassiopea reflects the design studio’s philosophy of transforming quality materials into geometric modern forms. The Cassiopea is a modern table lamp with a marble base that comes in black or white with a glass dome that serves as its shade. It is one of the unique table lamps on the market that adds character and conversation to any space it occupies, be it in the living room or in the terrace area. This table lamp with shade made of glass provides a play of light that emanates from its glass surface, illuminating the subtle veins seen on the polished marble base, giving it a distinctive quality and setting it apart from other cordless table lamps.

During the winter season, many people opt for cordless table lamps and outdoor solar table lamps that they can bring into indoor-outdoor living spaces to light up corners and garden pockets when the early evening hours set in. Les Jardins, a company based in Aix-en-Provence released their new outdoor solar table lamp called TECKALU, perfect for outdoor use without any need for electricity as it charges itself via installed solar panels.

The TECKALU is very practical. It can be a table floor lamp and can serve as decoration at the same time in different places in the garden. It is also considered as one of the best farmhouse table lamps for homeowners with a farm for its rustic look and feel. This solar outdoor table lamp diffuses a warm powerful light and is equipped with a 300-lumens solar module that is removable, combined with a high-efficiency solar panel, a lithium battery and 5 LEDs last generation. The light of the TECKALU is adjustable, with an intensity of up to 300 lumens that lasts for 4 up to 150 hours, making the TECKALU one of the best outdoor table lamps that lasts a long time this winter season. It can be recharged with solar energy and daylight or via a USB cable, which is also supplied when bought with the TECKALU. 

If you are looking for cordless table lamps, outdoor table lamps or a solar outdoor table lamp to light up your outdoor space this winter season, check out ArchiExpo’s buying guide in choosing the right lamp to point you in the right direction and illuminate your way to a brighter and more inviting ambiance outdoors during the cold winter months.

A Selection of Outdoor Table Lamps for Winter Bliss - ArchiExpo e-Magazine

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